inspired by a tale of two lovers Eros and Cupid.
Their romantic love story designate Naomi’s first wedding

A dusty grey maxi dress with an A-Line
silhouette, formed with piles of tulle,
and a very fine pearl embellishment

A pair of top and bottoms qipao.
Passionately drawn, emboidered, and
embellished. Giving you a delicate,
elegant and chic look.

Best recommendation for those whose
dream to have an outdoor wedding; a
perfect midi length dress; with a pleat-
ed organdi silk fabric choices, and well
spreaded pearls embellishment details.
Serving you an ethereal flawless look.

Inspired by psyche folklore story on her
quest to the Styx river. Best implied to a
slim cut straight silhouette qipao dress;
formed by golden embroidery threads,
long cape with dangling effect, high slit
on both sides to give a slight cheeky

One of our premium ball gown with a
halter neck and backless detail; inten-
tionally made to accentuate the sexiness
of women’s body. Feathers and 3D
flowers are also the combinations that
we add to make the dress look even
more radiant.

A bold burgundy pair of qipao; with an
oversized volume, neatly embroidered
with patterns and 3D flower detail. P.S
it comes with a special gift from us.